What is Snugglewool?

SnuggleWool® products are made with 100% Merino wool from the Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand. Our wool is knit to a polyester backing to withstand gentle machine washing and to prevent shrinking, making SnuggleWool® products perfect for everyday use. No dry cleaning is required.

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Sleep Benefits

Medical studies at Cambridge University have shown that wool bedding have a soothing, swaddling effect on babies, resulting in better sleep, reduced stress, greater contentment and improved weight gain. Studies showing similar results have also been reported in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, LANCET, and THE AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL.

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Customer Reviews

“This blanket is a life saver! It really does help our light sleeper, sleep better. The blanket is on the heavy side so it stays on him at night and doesn't kick off as easily as traditional blankets…”

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